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You are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

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You are innocent as long as you are proven guilty – this is what the law of Canada states. To prove someone as guilty or innocent is not an easy job in the court of law.  It is equally necessary that the innocent should not be convicted and the guilty should not escape from the hands of the law.  The rules of the law are made to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

In case anyone faces criminal charges or civil charges, then it should not be assumed that he is guilty and must be convicted. Because, until and unless you have taken legal help from a Kanata Criminal Lawyer for the defence, no one can be convicted in the courts of law.

As a general rule, it is the prosecution on whom lies the burden of proof and not on the defence to prove. Innocent individuals against whom accusation charges are made need not have to prove their innocence. In case the accusation charges are not proved, then the charges or the case must be dismissed.

What should the Prosecution Prove?

Criminal law and proceedings are difficult and full of the complex question of laws. Every element that caters to the offence against the accused needs to be proved, that includes the following:

    • Identity: The prosecution is liable to prove that the crime is committed by the accused itself. However, it really becomes difficult to prove that the charges are true, otherwise, the charges tend to be dismissed.
    • Jurisdiction: The court should have the jurisdiction of the place of crime against which the accused is charged. For instance, if any crime or theft is committed in Kanata, then it will be tried in the courts of law under which jurisdiction it falls.
    • Time Limit: There is a particular time limit for framing the charges and proceeding in the court of law. Every criminal offence has a limitation period of filing the case, that is before its expiration. However, there are some changes that are meant to be laid down within the limitation period, otherwise, they should not be laid before the court.
    • Knowledge of Crime: If the accused is aware that he had knowledge of crime at the time of the offence, then he will be charged. On the contrary, if the accused had no knowledge that the act is an offence or crime, then he is innocent till he is proved guilty.

How SKSM Law or Kanata Law Firm can help you?

A Kanata Law Firm helps the accused as well as the prosecution in various ways. In case an individual is arrested then police investigations will follow first. The Kanata Law Firm will guide what the arrested person needs to do next. Whether an individual has committed a crime or not, if an accused is suspected of any crime then the Kanata Criminal Lawyer must be reached out to find out their legal rights and the course of legal actions to follow.

Accordingly, the Kanata Criminal Lawyer can give the right consultation, in terms of the Bail hearing.  If anyone is arrested then a bail hearing is the next step that they are bound to attend. However, one need not attend the hearing alone and must be accompanied by his or her legal representative or the legal counsel.  This will help in granting the bail from the court of law as well as releasing on bail. Else, it will be difficult for anyone to deal with the matter on its own in the courts of law.

In case anyone has been charged related to violence, drug charges, impaired driving, weapon offences, sexual offences, property charges, financial and bankruptcy charges, civil charges, theft, fraud, etc. then taking the help of a criminal lawyer can save you from going behind the bars.

On the other hand, if you are the victim or suffered any of the above-mentioned crime at the hands of the accused, then taking the help of a Criminal Lawyer will help you in prosecuting the case as well as proving the charges against the criminal.  Your Criminal lawyer will get all the necessary details of the occurrence of the law so that the complaint can be lodged with the police for proceeding with the investigation.

Which is the best Kanata Law Firm in Canada?

There are various law firms in Canada, however, only a handful of them are dealing with criminal cases in Kanata.  SKSM Law is a reputed Kanata Law Firm that is located in the heart of Kanata and has some of the best litigation lawyers under its umbrella.  The lawyers at SKSM Law are professional and have years of experience appearing before the various Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, Ontario Divisional Court and various other legal tribunals which fall under the jurisdictions of Ottawa, Kanata, Perth, Brockville, Smiths Falls, Pembroke, Renfrew, Kemptville, L’Orignal and Cornwall.  If you require any legal remedy or legal consultation, then contact the best Kanata Criminal Lawyers who have requisite knowledge as well as intelligence to guide you.

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