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Tips on Choosing the best lawyer for your divorce

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The events leading to a divorce are by themselves physically and emotionally exhausting. It is therefore ideal to get an Ottawa lawyer who can help you achieve your interests after your contract of marriage is annulled. Here are some of the considerations that you should have as you are choosing a divorce lawyer.


Whether the grounds of the divorce case is fault or no-fault, you have to work with a lawyer who is experienced in the relevant divorce law and its subsidiaries such as the property division law, annulment law, child custody and support law, alimony, maintenance, and spousal support law among other legal dimensions that would be applicable in your particular case.

Inter-Disciplinary Lawyer

Depending on the facts of your cases, your divorce case may be subject to other legal areas such as contract law for instance if there is a prenuptial contract in place that you feel works against your interests. Further, a lawyer who is conversant with the law of taxation and IRS operations is more suitable if a spousal property is part of the divorce case.

Hence, all all-rounded lawyers should be your priority since your case proceeding could take unforeseen dimension and new evidence may be introduced and your lawyer should be able to argue your case effectively in all circumstances.

Considering your budget

The legal fees and legal expenses that you bear should be within what you can financially afford. Hence, you should go with considering a lawyer who can work within your budget and help you to achieve your goal in time.

Failure to consider your budget could stagnate your case particularly if the defense side to your case comes up with tactics to stall the case such as endless appeals or even the common trick of asking judges to recuse themselves when they appear to be losing.


The reviews of legal services rendered are paramount in selecting a Lawyer. Before you settle on a lawyer, you should only opt for a Kanata law firm with and positive reviews. Additionally, you should also take note of the skewed reviews if any and make a follow-up with your lawyer. Past experiences with clients are key areas that you can use to predict the level of commitment and prioritization that your legal counsel will confer to your case.


Experience, state of operation, client reviews, reputation, and legal fees are the primary factors that you should consider as you select your divorce lawyer. These tips will ensure that you only work with a lawyer who prioritizes and owns your case and work for your interest.

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